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We have come down through a long series of universes. All of the more advanced sources seem to be aware of this, most notably the Tibetan scriptures and L. Ron Hubbard's investigations of 1952. However, no one has ever provided a detailed description of the sequence or characteristics of these universes. If we have indeed fallen from a godlike state, then the universes themselves must follow some sort of a dwindling progression and the mechanics of that decay must reflect, on the whole, how we have come to be in the state that we are in.

This document will attempt to sketch out the broad outlines and provide a context which will hopefully support further research. I cannot guarantee that all the information given here is exactly correct. The best I can do is to say that I think it comes reasonably close. But of one thing I am certain, the picture can be no less complex than that presented here. If I have erred, it is on the side of missing things rather than putting too much there. Nothing less would serve to explain the degree to which we have fallen.

Before embarking on an actual discussion of the history, it is important to define my usage of the word "universe" because it is used in many sloppy ways in the field of metaphysics.

By universe, I mean a complete system of space and time. And for this discussion, I mean specifically those large agreed upon universes in which we all have lived.

There is not a one to one mapping between the points in space within one universe and those in another. A universe can have more than one 3 dimensional plane and can also have other 3 dimensional spaces (bubbles or pockets) tied to it. These are all considered to be part of the same universe because there is a mapping of points and there is a correspondence of time and there is a carry over of physical laws. But truly separate universes do not tie together in a direct manner and do not have identical laws. Note that you can setup transfer points between separate universes, but these are arbitrary points linked together without any correlation.

The current universe is one of very strict physical laws and is best characterized as a highly mechanical MEST (Matter/ Energy/ Space/ Time) oriented creation. The immediately preceding universe was one of Magic where physical laws were not quite as solid. Just as the literature of science fiction hints at the flavor of our life in this universe, the literature of fantasy hints at the nature of the Magic universe. But even the magic universe was quite physical and highly structured in its own context. As we work backwards from this universe, we see that each preceding universe was slightly less solid and more conducive to thought until we reach the earliest ones where the Thetan (Spirit / that which thinks) is senior and the physical aspects are trivial things that can be modified by the merest whim.

Let us now go all the way back and set the stage for the entire procession of universes.


Before anything exists, there can only be nothing, But the preternatural nothingness must have a potential, and that potential must be infinite because an infinity of creations has descended from it. If there had been no potential, then we would not exist, and if the potential had been limited, we would have ground to a halt long ago.

The nothingness exists before all space and time, therefore it is unchanging and may be described as static.

Matter and energy and any other possible forms can only exist within space and time and therefore are second order creations. Counting and the quantification of things are dependent on the existence of things which can be counted, therefore all mathematics and the very concept of quantification is a second order creation. And so the nothingness is above the concept of quantification and is neither few nor many, neither zero nor infinite, it is literally beyond counting.

The nothingness has the potential for thought, but there is nothing to think about until something is created, therefore, the first thought and the first creation must be one and the same, for something must be conceived of to exist. Therefore, the process of thought in its ultimate form, is the process of creation.

Of the four basic components of this universe, namely Matter, Energy, Space, and Time, only Space can be conceived of without reference to any of the other factors. Therefore, the first creation must be space rather than matter, energy, or time.






But the basic life static which is the unchanging nothingness is senior to space time and therefore cannot be affected by this separation. It is not made less by it, and therefore it may again separate. And from the view of the basic nothingness, the separations cannot be before or after each other because it is indeed timeless, but from the lesser view of that which is separated, the separated almost statics can conceive that one separated before another and therefore we have time.

And the lesser near-statics are also nothingness with the potential for infinite creation, but they have the experience of time and therefore the experience of what they have created.

Once those who can conceive are separated from the basic nothingness, they then proceed to apply further separations to bring about the creation of existence. A positive and a negative can be pulled out of nothing and the net equation remains the same. 1 - 1 = 0 = 2 - 2 = 0 = 256 - 256 etc. The only difference between these is consideration and consideration is the product of thought. Infinite matter and energy may therefore be generated by thought alone.




The interposition of distance is necessary for viewing or perceiving anything.

The interposition of time is necessary for emotion. There is no loss without time, nor is there feeling.

The interposition of identity is necessary for consideration. Without identity, all thought is one which is a passive condition of cosmic allness. Therefore, to think about or consider thought, it is necessary to introduce at least a slight separation from all thought and therefor it is necessary to be an individual to some slight degree. Therefore, identity is necessary for self awareness. Furthermore, the Zero-Infinite Life Static is not a self aware unit, instead it is the sum total of all awareness that is or that might be (or might have been). Therefore, it does not judge or intervene, it just IS.



Since the basic nothingness is beyond all limitations of time and space, it may be considered as infinite and eternal from our time/space limited perspective. By its very nature, it will always exceed the highest orders of infinite creation that have been achieved and therefore will always demand the creation of even further infinities of somethingness to balance the nothingness. Therefore, the scope of creation is limitless and eternal. Since the nothingness is always with us, we do not lack for it. Our only lack is for the somethingnesses (those things which are not nothing) which will always fall short of completely balancing the nothingness.

The self aware near-statics which we will call Thetans (thought units) fulfill themselves by an ongoing process of creation. Only when this creative process is blocked or stifled do they become miserable.

Furthermore, the separation itself is only a matter of consideration. The thought beings are still part of the original static and therefore have no need to rejoin it since they never really left it in the first place. The ultimate state of these beings is to be an operating manifestation of the ultimate static and project an infinity of creation to balance the nothingness. All lesser states are therefore at least slightly unpleasant but are maintained in the hope of future creation.


At the highest levels, the self-aware life statics participate in a dance of infinite creation. Here, everything that can be conceived of is created, exchanged, and experienced. Here we have an infinity of universes in constant flux, varying even in the number of dimensions used by each universe. At this level, the individual is himself near infinite, creating and experiencing multiple universes simultaneously and projecting an infinity of personalities, and yet the individual is still individual and separate and distinct from the other individuals who also participate in the dance of creation. And the flux between these individuals is the dance and is the infinity of creation.

This level is the co-existence of static and here each individual is, to all intents and purposes, God. And the only compelling purpose of it all is to continue to add to the richness of creation. And this might well be termed divine and infinite bliss. It is a nirvana, but a nirvana of infinite somethingness rather than nothingness.

But given an infinity of infinities to fill, it becomes mandatory to leave no stone unturned in the search for yet more new and varied creations. In pursuit of this, there is the idea that a new being, freshly separated from the zero-infinite life static, might conceive of new systems of creation, different from those which are already in existence. And so new beings were indeed separated out and did add greatly to the richness of creation.

But the most original creations would stem from beings who were isolated from the existing order and were not tainted by exposure to what the older beings had created. And so there is the concept of isolating a new crowd of individuals within a sort of womb where they can develop on their own.

We are now in such a womb, and the entire series of universes that we have built and inhabited are in this womb. When we have finished our development, we will exit the womb and carry our new systems of creation with us into the dance and begin an infinitely interesting exchange of mockups with the older beings. And someday, eons hence, when we have milked dry every variation of our own systems, and the systems of the older beings, and the endless variations of intermixing the systems, then we will eagerly await the birth of yet another crop of new beings who will bring forth their own set of wonders.

No matter how miserable you might be today, the duration of the misery is short in comparison with eternal bliss. When you have achieved the ultimate godlike state, you will consider the pains of birth a small price to have paid for it.


How is it possible to enclose a group of godlike beings and prevent them from experiencing the vast and interesting body of existing creations? How can you control someone whose mearest whim has the power to create and destroy universes?

Initially, since you are dealing with innocent new beings, you can distract them with an interesting object and channel their attention in the direction that you desire. But this does not work for very long, and soon they will begin to look around and be attracted by the fascinating works of the older beings. And with that, the freshness of new unbiased creation would be lost. So something further is needed.

But a god can only trap or limit himself, and at most, he can be aided by the deception and trickery of others. But even in this, the older beings must not be directly involved or they will eventually contaminate the new crowd.

And so the new group of beings must be tricked into conflict among themselves and into building traps for each other. And each one is trapped, not so much by the traps that others laid for him, but by the traps that he laid for others for sooner or later, he will forget one of his own traps and fall into it by mistake.

The general plan is that the new beings will dig themselves into a trap of their own devising. And will sink deeper and deeper into it and eventually will become the effect of their own creation and even forget who they are and how they built the trap in the first place. But in so doing, they will evolve a new system of creation which will be the anatomy of the trap. And eventually, they will begin to dig themselves out, which will require regaining control over the entirety of their creations.

We lie now at the bottom of such a trap, and it might seem that we could never create even a single atom of the physical universe around us. But these abilities will return as we dig ourselves out. And when we exit the womb, each of us will not only have all of the rich and interesting details of Earth at our fingertips, but we will also have the details of the Star Wars like physical universe and the Magic universe, and the numerous universes that came before. We will bring all of this out into the greater society of beings and our rewards will be great. It has been a hard road and will continue to be rough for awhile, but it has worked before and it is the only way to develop in true isolation.

And the older beings will not and cannot intervene. We must dig ourselves out, for it is this which will give us the power over these creations of ours. If the older beings were to step in and rescue us, so to speak, by pulling us out of this trap, they would be stealing from us our richly deserved reward. These are our creations and it is for us to take command over them.

We have been totally isolated for a long time. There was only one external intervention at the very beginning. This was the absolute minimum possible and there have been no others although we have frequently pretended to each other that we were older or higher beings and have even sometimes imitated the actual intervention with the intent of bedeviling and tricking each other.

This one and only bit of external interference consisted of presenting us with a single ultra-complex object which would prejudice us towards conflict and entrapment. This object was the Jewel of Knowledge.


This is the only creation we have ever received from "outside" and it is the only contact we have ever had with the older beings.

There have been many false beginnings of the time track that we have implanted in each other during our trap building frenzy. There have also been many true beginnings of track in the various universes in which we have been engaged. But the jewel of knowledge is the actual first experience for all of us. Each being's attention was directed to it as they separated from the ultimate static and it was so fascinating that all were drawn in and by the time anyone might have felt like looking outward for something else from outside, we had already sunk too low to penetrate the walls of the trap that we had been encouraged to build for ourselves.

The experience of the jewel of knowledge does not have a big sign on it saying that it is the first experience or that it is the beginning of track or the start of time. In fact, it is just the opposite. Incidents that yell loudly about being the beginning do so as a means of trickery and are never actually the first incident. Furthermore, you can't find the jewel of knowledge experience by trying to find the first incident, there are just too many falsely labeled first ones. But once you do spot it, all of the "first" incidents always seem to be later.

Another misleading factor, is that the jewel of knowledge is extremely complex. It is quite possibly the most complex thing we have ever had contact with. And our creations become simpler as we look earlier on the time track. So our expectation would be for the first incident to be very simple. And its not, because it came from outside.

The jewel of knowledge is an object in 17 or more dimensions. It has a diamond like structure, but this extends in a huge number of directions and contains endless faces or facets. It is extraordinarily beautiful and interesting. We have a tremendous problem visualizing it because one of our little traps that we used on each other intentionally blocked our ability to visualize or perceive more that 3 dimensions.

But even before we became blocked on many dimensional structures, the jewel was really too complex for a new innocent being to grasp as a whole. It was intentionally created that way so that we wouldn't simply digest it quickly and then look around for more interesting creations made by the other beings.

The jewel was divided into chambers and we went through each chamber sequentially. Each chamber explained something that was interesting and useful to a new being, and most of the data was correct. Only very slyly and subtly did they work in misleading information that predisposed us towards conflict and entrapment. For there was no way to force us to swallow the jewel, we could only be coaxed into accepting it all by a great show of true knowledge and beauty.

There is no language in the experience of the jewel. We did not have any at that time and they certainly would not teach us one for that would have prejudiced our thinking far too much. Instead, it is all demonstrations using very simple objects. These were simple squares, triangles, circles etc. with many dimensions. We refer to a three dimensional square as a cube and a four dimensional square is called a tesseract by the mathematicians but we lack good words for seven or eight dimensional versions of this shape,. However, an eight dimensional square is still a simple abstract object that would not impart very much of a bias into our own creations.

The jewel's chambers also never show anything that looks like bodies or people. They use nebulous clouds or points of light to represent other beings in the chambers that deal with the interactions of beings.

The demonstrations are generally very simple. For example, one of the early chambers demonstrates how to perceive an object. Looking at things with only one eye open is adequate for a flat two dimensional view but true depth perceptions in three dimensions is best done with two eyes. In a similar manner, looking at a 7 dimensional cube is best done by looking at it from 6 points simultaneously. They don't tell you this, instead they show you. It begins with the vague impression of an object in front of you. Then you feel yourself drawn into putting out more and more points from which to view the object. When you finally get six unique viewpoints (and they mustn't be in the same plane), the object suddenly becomes very real and there is a satisfying feeling. Then they have you put out even more viewpoints and the object becomes thin and unsatisfying again. So you learn to synchronize the number of viewpoints that you use with the dimensions of the object that you are viewing.

Many of the chambers are interesting and helpful in this manner. But a few of them are misleading and treacherous. For example, one of the chambers shows many "beings" participating in creating a collection of objects that are moving around in harmony. The sensation is very pleasant. Then one of the beings begins working contrary to the efforts of the others and the sensation is unpleasant, the harmony is destroyed. So the other beings gang up on the disagreeable one and force him back into agreement and the sensation becomes pleasant again. It is actually a false idea that predisposes you to beating up on anybody who is different and implanting people to force them into agreement.

When we finished going through all of the chambers, we were left with the idea that it is necessary to control and trap others. We were also given the idea that we now had to build something of our own in exchange for the jewel before we had a right to look at any more of the older beings creations. But of course before we finished that, we had dug ourselves in so deeply and trapped ourselves so well that we had lost any hope of reaching outside and were launched on our decent into more and more complex traps of our own making.


We left the jewel of knowledge with an enthusiastic desire to create a complex and interesting universe. There were no rules but that it had to be interesting and complex. Even the number of dimensions to be used was unspecified and therein lay the first and ultimate conflict.

It takes time and effort to devise and build an elaborate mockup. And the more dimensions you use, the more time and work is involved. Three dimensions are more complex than two, and four dimensions are even worse, and an entire system of creation had to be built up from scratch. Imitating the 17 dimensions used in the jewel would have been ridiculous for new beings and would have lacked originality besides.

And each of the beings was godlike and had been advised to make his own decisions and go his own way as well as being told to keep others in line (a sure recipe for conflict) and so each chose an arbitrary number of dimensions and began working.

Soon there were some people working on one dimensional systems and some on two or three or four all the way up to about a dozen dimensions with occasional dabbling in even greater numbers of dimensions. And the distribution of beings was fairly even with a bit more working on the lower numbers of dimensions since it was easier and a gradual petering out up towards the higher numbers. And as each being invested more and more time and effort into mockups using a certain number of dimensions, he developed an attachment for that number of dimensions and a vested interest in it.

But fewer dimensions are simpler and the beings who were trying to devise a one dimensional system began to show results early while those who were working on a larger scale were still in the rudimentary stages of invention.

Those one dimensional systems of creation are still with us. One of them is music. The one dimensional "object" (e.g. a sound or musical note) can only go up and down. It moves forward in time, but time is not a dimension in the sense that were are discussing here (we are concerned with dimensions of space). The "object" can have a width and shape in the form of a chord (as opposed to a single note) and there are all sorts of interesting aesthetics in the inter-relationship of many notes moving up an down in a complex work, but it is still motion in only one dimension. The notes can also have a quality as in the sound of a piano Vs that of a violin but this also does not change the number of dimensions just as adding color to a three dimensional world doesn't add an extra dimension.

The fruits of the two dimensional effort encompassed the basic versions of many of our board games such as chess.

As these low dimensioned systems began yielding results, some of the beings working on large numbers of dimensions began to feel that they had too long a runway and switched over to one of the lower groups. But the tendency was to join the 3, 4, or 5 dimensional efforts where there was substantial room for new contributions rather than to join the 1 or 2 dimensional efforts which were already being sewn up so to speak.

And it came about that the 3 dimensional group had more members than any of the others with slightly less in the 4 dimensional group. But there were still quite a few working above 4 dimensions. And because 3 dimensions was simpler than 4 and it had more people working on it, it was fast approaching completion at least in its basic architecture.

The 3s could see that the remaining people working very high dimensions would eventually drop down and work with the 4s (or possibly the 5s). They wouldn't join the 3s because the 3s were nearly done and also because these were diehards who had already stuck with very complex forms and would probably prefer to at least have 4 or 5 dimensions to work in rather than 3. So their estimate was that although the 3s were currently the largest group, they would eventually be outnumbered by the 4s as more and more beings abandoned the higher dimensional efforts.

In a sane society, this would have been fine. There is room for many systems of creation. But they all knew (thanks to the jewel of knowledge) that everyone would have to be beaten into line and settle into one system. And they had a vested interest in continuing with their own mockups in the system that they had devised rather than abandoning it for a 4 dimensional system created by others. Furthermore, they knew that a 4 dimensional system can manipulate and overwhelm a three dimensional system just as someone operating in a 3 dimensional system can crumple up a 2 dimensional painting or sweep a 2 dimensional chess game onto the floor.

All the 3 dimensional group had was a temporary numerical advantage combined with a system that was nearly complete in comparison with the 4 dimensional system. They knew that they would be overwhelmed eventually. So they decided to strike first and so began the reality wars.


This was the longest period in our history and the most extreme conflict we have ever been engaged in. It took place between beings of awesome capabilities who were invulnerable to anything except for the side effects of their own infinitely powerful postulates and decisions. And it took nearly forever for these immortals to wear each other down and finally get everyone beaten into line.

And there is nobody who did not at one time or another fight on every side of this conflict. And there is nobody who did not occasionally say the hell with it all and go off on their own to build universes only to eventually be sucked back into the conflict again. And the fighting of this war as an interesting game was probably as important to us as the issues being fought over, and so the desire of the majority was always to perpetuate the battle rather than to come to some reasonable compromise. And the flavor of the battle was more like that of kids playing a war game where people only rarely suffered any actual harm rather than the horror of humanoid warfare.

But over the long course of time, people did eventually succeed at abberating and controlling and entrapping each other.

In the final stages of the conflict, the 3 dimensional proponents did succeed in laying in mental blocks that interfered with creating or perceiving things with more than 3 dimensions. They could not block out 1 and 2 dimensional capabilities because these are part of 3 dimensional constructions, but they could and did block the use of 4 or more dimensions.

The 4 dimensional crew could not retaliate in kind because to block 3 dimensions would block 4 as well. Instead, they took the only countermeasure possible which was to implant a craving for 4 dimensional mockups.

A single 4 dimensional coin might remedy your cravings for wealth. Since one can't have that, one wants endless 3 dimensional coins because that approaches the condition of a single 4D coin which consists of an infinity of 3D coins layered together along the 4th axis. Consider having a 2D picture of a coin. If you layered enough of those together, you would come close to having a 3D coin. But you never quite make it, its not really the same. So the 3D never really satisfies and you get abberated on the subject of quantity.

This left us in the strange state of being unable to perceive 4 dimensional mockups while at the same time not only reacting to them but also needing them. There is a 4 dimensional component to things such as sexual ecstasy. The very universe we live in, although built of 3 dimensional mockups, has a 4 dimensional thickness which is what makes it so solid and difficult to manipulate. If you hit the wall with your hand and then do a mental mockup of a hand hitting a wall, you will notice a significant difference in the two experiences. If you then mockup thousands of identical hands striking thousands of identical walls, all in parallel, you will notice that the mocked up sensation comes much closer to the real thing. So our current reality does have a 4 dimensional component. It is a thickness consisting of multiple copies of the 3 dimensional reality all sort of glued together and moving as a unit.

To gain some understanding of how this happened, we must look at the early capabilities and aberrations of the beings in this time period.


As to abilities, we are now talking about beings who were virtually unlimited in their ability to create and alter matter, energy, space, and time and who were furthermore capable of being in many places at once and tracking and managing many complex operations at the same time.

But the beings were very limited as to both experience and philosophy. Their thinking was almost of the idiot savant style with tremendous mechanical capabilities but little interest in the meaning of things. The use of symbols and abstractions is something that evolved gradually and it only started to appear bit by bit in this early period.

The earliest communications were simply an exchange of knowingness. You would know that someone else wanted you to come over and look at something they had created. You'd go over and look at it and then decide that they knew that you liked it (or didn't like it). Then they would decide that you knew that they were happy (or unhappy) with the judgment and so you would know that as well. This was soon followed by exchanging simple pictures. But exchanging pictures of abstract symbols as a means of communications only evolved on the eve of the reality wars as the universe building work was approaching completion.

It is in the area of communications that the first aberrations developed. This was due to the influence of the jewel of knowledge which hinted continually that completely free communication was not really such a good idea. This hidden purpose behind this was both to keep the new beings from trying to communicate with things outside of the womb and also to lay the stage for the conflicts and entrapment that was necessary to their development, for people do not fight nor do they get trapped if they are in full communication.

Unlike other aberrations, these early communication aberrations were by choice and they are slightly different for each of us, although the mechanics are the same, because each of us made our own decisions about who and what we didn't feel like communicating with. And here is the road out. Since communication barriers are, at basic, created by choice, they can be pushed through by the simple decision to communicate again without having to unravel the entire maze that we have built on top of them.

In modern times, we see long chains of problems and upsets layered upon each other. And we see harmful acts and guilt and retribution. And these all seem to lie on top of a core of incidents of loss and pain.

But the early beings could not be hurt and at first could not even suffer loss because they could create anything again. And the earliest problems, etc. could obviously not be dependent upon yet earlier ones.

The early aberrations all stem from the communication blocks created willfully based on the advise of the jewel of knowledge. Early problems all stemmed from an unwillingness to communicate or from leaving communications incomplete. Early harmful acts and upsets came about because of the misunderstandings engendered by messed up communications. And then these things began to feed on themselves. This happened during the early universe building period, and during the reality wars, and continues to this day.

And since these are the most basic aberrations, it is possible to address them even on someone walking in off of the street without long preparation, and you can undo their everyday problems as is clearly illustrated by lower level Scientology processing.

But taking apart the original problems that occurred during the basic universe building era has its own difficulty. It is not that these early incidents are painful or hard to face, most of them would be a joke to us now after all that we have been through. The real difficulty is that this early period is almost incomprehensible. You might, for example, have someone who is being a near infinite series of golden pyramids spread out among 20 different universes of varying numbers of dimensions deciding, let us say, to trick a being who is an infinite progression of green and orange carrots into thinking that a right handed space (whatever that is) is really left handed.

And that is the basic anatomy of the earliest aberrations, which came about through the predisposition to not communicate. And then we have the reality wars, with everyone working day and night to try and figure out how to further confuse and abberate and control each other.

This could not be done by implanting commands through energy waves or hypnosis or whatever because the beings could not at this time be affected by force or energy. So these early efforts concentrated heavily on showing you very aesthetic little stories that would trick you into weakening yourself. They might, for example, show you how glorious it would be to fight against overwhelming odds and loose. Or they might show you the nobility of self sacrifice. And then they might encourage you to go ahead and experience these things in some sort of a mocked up universe, And often, you would, because you were hungry for interesting experiences and had not the slight concept that anything could ever really harm you. And all the while, they'd be encouraging you to turn off your own abilities and reduce your horsepower.

None of these things worked very well at first. But eventually, what with continually changing sides, we all eventually fell into traps that we had ourselves designed while playing on the other team. And if enough time had passed for us to have forgotten that we had built a trap, then it might be quite effective against us. And we were just too stupid to fix the traps that we built so that they wouldn't trap their creators.

You wouldn't be bothered by these traps now. They didn't have much more punch than our current TV commercials. Its just hard to conceive of this stuff because the weight of the high powered conditioning used in later universes interferes with our ability to think.


After the reality wars, we basically settled down to mocking up 3 dimensional universes.

Up to and including this period, there is no single agreed upon universe. Instead, people would mockup universes pretty much at will. Both before and during the reality wars, these universes had varying numbers of dimensions. After the conclusion of the wars, it was 3 dimensional universes all the way, but it was still an infinite variety and complexity with everyone going their own way.

Before the reality wars, people were simply individualistic in what they wanted to mock up. But in the aftermath of the wars, they became quite contrary and disagreeable. They had had one thing jammed down their throat and had been forced into agreement on the point of using 3 dimensions. So now they were going to be as individualistic as possible in all other respects.

This era could be called the mis-aligned spaces because everyone was trying to keep everything as far out of alignment as possible. Or it could be called the mis-aligned agreements or the era of disagreement or whatever.

Putting it in an oversimplified manner, if someone invented fire engines to put out fires, then somebody else would immediately invent fire engines to collect the trash and a third person would invent traveling super fires that searched for fire engines and burnt them up. But it was worse than that. There were the rudimentary forms of language in the sense of meanings being assigned to symbols, and out of contrariness, different or opposite meanings were often assigned to the same symbol so that soon there were language difficulties and great misunderstandings despite the fact that communication was still basically telepathic in nature.

This carried on for a long time, and people fell further and further out of communication with each other. This of course encouraged even more problems, harmful acts, etc. and led to games of entrapment.

The beings were also gradually condensing down and becoming located throughout the entire early period of the track. At the time of the jewel of knowledge, the being was close to omniscient and not really located anywhere in particular except that his attention could be occupied by something as elaborate as the jewel. But the jewel convinced him that he should put some sort of mass or anchor point into the places where he was operating. This was based on the false idea that space was owned and belonged to individuals and so they needed to stake their claim with some sort of mass. Eventually he begins to believe that he is located where his masses are, but he still continues to put out near infinite collections of objects to act as his body so to speak. But his ability to occupy many viewpoints deteriorates and eventually he condenses down to occupying a single location. This deterioration is occurring during the era of the mis-aligned spaces but he doesn't really end up located as a single individual until the agreements universe discussed below.

Again this is an extraordinarily long time period but is not really measurable in human terms. All of these early eras are multi-verses (collections of universes) rather than a single agreed upon universe and time measurements are relative to a universe and tend to be meaningless in situations such as this where time flows at different rates in different universes. Your experience of the time is sequential and you can probably lay out some sort of measuring system for yourself, but different people will have experienced different amounts of time due to being in different places which had different time rates.

Nothing, not even the time rate, was agreed upon consistently in this era. It made it difficult to play games and to communicate. Eventually, everyone came to agree on one thing, which was that some basis for common agreement and consistent operation was necessary. And under the surface, there was still the idea that we should build something together that would be of comparable magnitude to the jewel of knowledge.

Our solution was to build the agreements universe.


This is the first of the gigantic agreed upon universes where everybody lived. It was not organized in any fashion except for having an agreed upon set of definitions. It was just a big infinite space into which anyone could project mockups of their choosing.

It was basically a 3 dimensional space and would, of course, contain 3 dimensional mockups, but it was also possible to project additional 3 dimensional spaces sideways of it or to redefine the same location as a number of different 3 dimensional mockups in parallel. For example, let us say that Bill creates a room with a green chair. Steve comes in and agrees with it but then Joe shows up and decides that the chair is blue. Steve and Bill resist this and so the space divides into two parallels separated slightly in a 4th dimension with one space having the green chair and the other one having the blue chair. When a fourth person enters the room, he feels that he can go two ways, either to the room with Bill and Steve and the green chair, or to the room where Joe is sitting in the blue chair.

The basic flaw was in the definitions used. These were definitions of basic things such as good and bad, happy and sad, big and small, etc. The definitions were done as dichotomies - i.e. pairs of opposites. The problem was that, whether due to inexperience or due to more troublesome hints from the jewel, the pairs of definitions did not really line up with each other. For example, there was a definition for good (in the sense of nice) and bad, and there was a different definition for good (in the sense of holy) and evil and the two versions of good did not line up with each other so that it was possible to be good in the holy sense while being quite nasty at the same time. This made for more mis-communication and entrapment.

We designed these definitions ourselves, but we did it in teams. In defining the agreements universe, each team designed one pair of definitions without knowing what the other definitions were going to be. This was considered to be fair since everyone had an equal hand in making this mess. The definition was stated in terms of a simple picture sequence. For example, good/bad was defined by a series of pictures about the good bear and the bad bear. The good bear does this and the bad bear does that. It shows about two dozen pairs of examples of good and bad. Its all very silly and childlike. The charge on these definitions is small but deep and is primarily due to the heavy pressure of enforced agreement and the endless confusions and upsets that occurred during our existence in the agreements universe. The charge on these definitions and their association with childlike mockups is probably why people sometimes have a great distaste for childlike things.

We built these definitions in the mis-aligned spaces and then collected them together. By extreme hard work, we build the definition sequences into a 4 dimensional construction reminiscent of the jewel of knowledge. It was basically a 4 dimensional inverted pyramid golden in color. The inverted pyramid in this case symbolized the narrowing down of many realities into one. Each 3 dimensional pyramid in the 4 dimensional super-pyramid contained one of the many pairs of definitions. Even with true 4 dimensional abilities blocked, it was possible to build a 4 dimensional construction by painstakingly layering together a large series of 3 dimensional constructions. We all promised to agree to and follow these definitions and we all made strong postulates that everyone would be bound by the definitions. This was all done before any of us had seen all of the definitions. Then we all gathered around it and dived into it as a group.

You can spot rushing to get into agreement and going through a golden inverted triangle. There will be a sense of thousands of other beings rushing along with you similar to the sensation of the sperm dream found by early Dianetics. After you pass through the triangle, you get hit with the definitions one after the other beginning with the good and bad bear. When we come out, we are all in a single empty infinite space. The space is light (faintly golden) rather than dark. And then we start creating things.

Death still did not exist, although we were getting pretty good at forgetting things or dropping everything and deciding to go off to the other end of the universe and start over. We were still not interiorized into our creations. But there was a tendency to use the interesting body types created for the agreements definitions as our manifestations rather than using the simple pyramids or spheres that we had used up to this time. But these were not really bodies as we know them now because we flicked them in or out of existence as necessary and were certainly not very bothered if one of them got zapped since we'd just mock up another one.

This time period was long and interesting, but the conflicts gradually got worse and eventually we wound up spending most of our time tricking each other or messing up each other's stuff. Eventually it got so that you couldn't build a complicated aesthetic creation without some practical joker making some weird thing pop up in the middle of it. People got frustrated and began to search for a solution.

The answer was to set up a new universe (since the agreements universe was so messed up) in which each person would have their own separate sub-universe. I.E.. each being would get their own home universe which everyone else was supposed to leave alone.


This occurs at the mid-point of our existence and in some respects it was the peak of our efforts. By this point, we had gained enough experience to develop very complex and sophisticated mockups, and we had not yet decayed too far. It continues for a long period of wonderful creation and the final collapse of home universe was probably the first big loss that we experienced.

This was actually a collection of individual universes linked together in a higher level space. This higher space was a sort of matrix of gateways leading down into the individual home universes. Early on, it seems like a sort of nebulous corridor with mirrors or thought pools along the walls which lead into the individual universes. However, as time passed, it gradually expanded until it had much the appearance of the night sky full of stars. Except that the "stars" were the gateways into the individual universes and if you went up close to them, these stars might look like big golden balls or even symbols such as a flower or an object hanging in the sky.

It is a mistake to think of this as a single universe with little balls in which each thetan dwelled (there's a later implant which presents it that way). You would enter one of these spheres and find an entire infinite universe. It would be as diverse and complex as the creating thetan (or thetans in the case of agreed upon universes) had chosen to mock up. It would not necessarily share physical universe laws or anything else (except the primary entry point) with the other universes in the matrix. It could also contain further subordinate universes below it.

Besides the individual universes, there were agreed upon universes used for games or meeting places. These were quite numerous and varied. There were also "story" universes, much like movies. These story universes contained sequences of 3 dimensional pictures arranged in a fixed time track that told a story and anyone could go into one of these and enjoy the drama. There was actually quite a bit of aesthetic competition involved, much like the academy awards. But unlike our Hollywood productions, these were built as universes and seemed just as real as our life here on Earth.

The development of the "stars" mockup at the top level is probably due to the problem of managing an ever growing number of entry points. Just lining the entry points up along the sides of a tunnel is too inefficient. So we expanded the top level outward and started arranging the entry points in a 3 dimensional space. Without a wall to place them against, an oval thought pool is better mocked up as a sphere. And so we have a sea of "stars" at the top level.

Within the individual universes, it became common practice to bring this top level display of "stars" into view in the surrounding sky.


The home universe matrix had been built to keep people from messing up each other's creations. As such, it was a bit like sending the children to their rooms because they are fighting. But this only works if you can keep them out of each other's home universes, and without any means of enforcement, it was not long before pranksters were sneaking into each others spaces and making trouble again.

And so we came up with the idea of punishing people for breaking the rules. Everyone agreed that this was a good idea and intended it purely for use on the bad guys. Nobody expected that it would be used on them. It was the typical stupidity that has carried us ever deeper into this trap.

But we were still immune to force and there was little that one individual could do to another. However, by working as a group, it was possible for us to build a complex series of sub-universes that would at least make somebody feel uncomfortable and unhappy for a little while. And so we created the penalty universes.

These penalty universes laid in the idea of descending down through a scale of emotions beginning with a high exhilaration and working down through anger, fear, etc. The scale is the emotional tone scale observed by L. Ron Hubbard in the early days of Dianetics and extensively researched and documented by him in 1951. And everybody is going up and down that scale to this day, but it is arbitrary and has no other reason for existence save that we picked this pattern (almost at random) to use in building these penalty universes.

A thorough discussion of the penalty universes needs it own book. For now, let us just say that they were full of all sorts of interesting symbols and body types which caught your interest combined with all sorts of new degrading ideas such as sex and eating which were presented to the person as interesting goals to pursue. Since these were actual universes that you went through, the experience was real, and yet it was all carefully orchestrated and twisted to give you experiences which would convince you of all sorts of ridiculous and abberative ideas (such as needing to eat) which later became part of our everyday lives.

At first, these penalty universes hardly bothered us at all. And they were not very effective at reducing the amount of mischief being done. But we kept tossing each other into them for an extraordinarily long time and eventually we became quite compulsive about dramatizing the arbitrary and degraded ideas that they presented.


Throughout the home universe era, we built game playing universes in which people could complete with each other. But there was always a desire for rougher, tougher games. And there was always the sticky problem of keeping people from sneakily overriding the rules and cheating. Since beating others at the various games had considerable status attached to it, this became an area of considerable interest and importance.

And so eventually we tried to build a powerful and constraining game. And to achieve this, we build the Games universe and for a playing field, we built the original Earth. And it is not a matter of chance that we are living on a copy of that world. It is a commonly used planetary design because of its history. And because it was involved in the fall of home universe, it is known to be a disturbing and restimulative place. So any time a prison or dumping ground for undesirables is needed in this galaxy, they go looking around for a copy of the original Earth. There are probably thousands of them among the millions of planets circling the stars of the Milky Way and any decent sized space empire would have at least one somewhere within its borders.

But the original Earth itself was a nice and interesting mockup. After all, it was built as the ultimate game rather than as a prison or a nasty place.

We played this game endlessly. It was a subtle and complex version of the child's game where the rock can break the scissors and the scissors can cut the paper but the paper can cover the rock. Except that it was played with a huge variety of "identities" and endless complex interrelations between them. These identities were things like the "Ruler" and the "Scientist" and the "Artist" etc. But identity is not a good term for this since many different individuals would put on these packages of characteristics. So we will use the Scientology term "Valence" (a package of personality characteristics) to describe these.

And this "Valence Game" was quite subtle despite the simplicity of the rules. Each of the valences had a strict series of privileges, duties, and constraints in relationship to each of the other valences. But a character playing one valence might pretend to be another. For example, an assassin might pretend to be a concubine and assassinate the ruler.

It was quite popular and eventually championship games even had crowds of spectators and commentators peering down from the top level of the home universe matrix.

The real liability of this game was the use of high powered conditioning to implant the form and constraints of the identities or "valences" that were used to play the game on the original earth. This was intended to make the game more interesting and prevent cheating. But it lead to the building up of "mass" on these valences and eventually it lead to our downfall.

Unlike other universes, the Games universe had a complex series of rigid laws enforced by hitting the participants with "valence masses" on the original Earth on their way into the game. And we set up a sort of transparent copy of the original earth in the top level of the home universe matrix itself. As a result, we wound up with a complex planetary mockup being used for a transfer point rather than a simple golden sphere.

There was a great deal of status and havingness attached to placing mockups at the top level of home universe. To persist there, they had to be mutually agreed upon. It seems as if one of the prizes for winning in the games universe was to put something up at the top level. Various objects and body mockups etc. wound up there as a result. Eventually we even built some flat-Earth mockups at the top level to give us a place to keep all of this stuff. Just guessing now, there might have even been "embodyment clubs" meeting in these places. If you hadn't won the right to place a mockup at the top level, you could only hang around there in an embarrassing disembodied state. Of course you could just mock something up at the top level illegally, but that was liable to get you tossed into a penalty universe.

We experienced aberration when entering the games universe but once there we could leave easily and were only held by our interest in the game. All of us tried every valence many many times. There were different win and loss conditions for each valance. Afterwards, we'd go back up to the home universe matrix and analyze the play.

Eventually, people began putting manifestations of their favorite valences up in the top level matrix. I.E.., they'd win as the singer or as the scientist or whatever and they'd put an appropriate body type up at the top level as their prize. Some people might have even started trying to collect the entire set of valance manifestations up at the top. One thing that happened from this is that people would expect you to follow games universe rules when dealing with a games universe valence manifestation. Often they got compliance with this because we'd hit the rules so often, but somebody would always disagree and there were fights and upsets. Another problem with this was that it gradually created more and more commonalty of agreement between the top level matrix and the games universe.

Another thing that happened was the introduction of penalty universe mockups onto the original Earth. Many beings flinched a bit at these and so they could be used as barriers. It seems like people were beginning to cheat and sidestep some of the implanted conditioning on the way into the game and therefore something was needed to keep them to the proper path.

Also, some of the hardier souls asked for penalty universe mockups as game prizes and placed these up on the flat worlds in the top level as well.

All of these factors caused an ever growing level of agreement and connection between the penalty universes, the games universe, and the top level of the matrix. The Original Earth and the flat worlds orbiting around it acted as the central point of concentration.

And then an idea began circulating around that too great a commonalty of agreed upon objects or anchorpoints bridging two universes could cause those universes to collapse together. There might have even been some popular story universes about this sort of thing happening. And gradually people began to worry about the danger of having that original earth tied in so tightly to the top of the home universe matrix. And some people wanted to get rid of it, but others, real game playing fans, were deeply attached to it and there was considerable fighting and tension. And the tension kept building.

I'm not certain exactly what triggered the collapse. It seems to be something to do with the penalty universes. Possibly they simply put one too many penalty universe mockups on the original Earth when the tension was at its peak. Or maybe they actually tried to connect or merge the penalty universes with the original Earth either to beef up the penalty universes or to enforce the rules of the game on earth more strictly. Or maybe some group decided to "cure" the more anti-social beings by dragging them into agreement. Regardless of the exact cause, what happened is that the entire matrix began to collapse together.

Possibly you had the top level display on when the stars began to fall. Or maybe you felt something strange and invoked the top level display. The stars collapse into the Original Earth. All the universes collide there. The mass builds and the whole planet explodes. This is probably basic on the big bang the astronomers get excited about.

Each of our universes fell into the Earth mass and flew outward in the explosion. But you at least held part of your universe stably around you during this. It was really just the outlying mockups and envelope that shattered. Even so, you saw your universe (or universes) scattered throughout the cosmos. There is tremendous loss and grief on this.

When the piece you held together settled down, you probably moved from grief up to anger. You'd already picked up the tone scale dramatization from the penalty universes and this was enough impact to bring about solid downtone emotions.

Somewhere in this incident, space seems to be filled with lightning and energy. Your mockups begin decaying, getting corroded and crumbling to dust. This is mainly due to the influence of the penalty universes. Your universe is no longer separate and therefore is affected by an agreed upon set of laws. But the only commonly agreed upon laws were those of the penalty universes and the games universe which had become part of the universe you were in. So these agreements take precedence. And the biggest common agreement between all the penalty universes is the downward slide into decay.

You then tried to restore your mockups but you failed because others invalidate them and downscale agreements were spreading around and affecting you. So you started using the games valences against others. You worked to destroy their mockups and impose your own.

Eventually this settles down into a big game to make your mockups persist and others fail. In other words, have for self and can't have for others.

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